Connect with the right buyer

Your practice is more than a business – it’s part of your life.  That’s why it’s vital to find buyers who share your professional philosophy and your approach to patient care.  How do you determine the right buyer?

At the outset, we work with our sellers to understand your personal goals concerning the character, professional skills, financial and business capabilities of your ideal buyer.

No two practices are alike, and all dentists are different. If you are retiring, in all likelihood you’ll be selling to a younger professional. You have lived with and looked after these patients for 10, 20 or even 30 years or more and you care about them.

Some of the most important questions to ask are:

  • Can the buyer handle the volume of business and the management of the practice, and continue its success or grow it to new heights?
  • Will the buyer relate to the patients?
  • Will the staff accept the buyer as my successor?
  • Does the buyer have a similar treatment philosophy to mine?
  • Can the buyer pay for the practice and make a reasonable profit after debt service?
  • Is the buyer capable of doing the same quality of work?

The key to a successful transition is to look beyond the resume and understand how a buyer’s personality and approach will fit with your practice.  We can help.  At Carroll and Company, we provide expert screening services, personal introductions, facilitation, consultation and ongoing advice to help you to select the right buyer to take care of your patients, your staff and your practice.