I am 66 years young and recently had the pleasure of completing a very important cycle in my professional life, the sale of my dental practice after 41 years of practicing dentistry.

There is a very small, select group of special individuals who I have worked with over the years, stayed in contact with, and benefitted from their wisdom, expertise, experience and honesty. When at certain crossroads in my professional life, that required very significant, practice altering decisions, I would call on these individuals for advice and guidance.

Mike Carroll is among these special individuals and always made himself available to me.
I purchased my practice in 1979 and Mike was the broker representing the seller.
I did not have a representative and Mike took me under his wing and made the process smooth and effortless.

When I decided to sell my practice I called Mike.  As usual we had some differences of opinion but as always we were able to discuss things openly and honestly to arrive at the best outcomes.

One of the best recommendations Mike as ever made was to work with his wonderful daughter, Pamela, as I wanted to move quickly.

Pamela was amazingly efficient, prompt in her responses, creative, experienced and knowledgeable.  She is a great listener and has the uncanny ability to understand things from many perspectives and guide things in the best direction to achieve the best outcomes. She is a great communicator and her empathy and understanding of the entire process calmed me down, relieved much of my anxieties, and resulted in a fantastic experience and a great outcome for all involved.

Whatever stage of transition you are in, look no further than Carroll and Company !!!!

Ken Freeman D.D.S.

I would like to thank Carroll and Company, and especially Pamela Carroll, for the excellent job in selling my Dental practice.

I recently had to sell my Dental Practice in an accelerated timeline, due to a family health issue. I basically called up Pamela, and told her “I need to sell my practice yesterday, and I have nothing prepared, and have no plan.” She assured me that it would be no problem, and that we could ramp up the paperwork and start interviewing prospective buyers in a very short time. Although I was disorganized, and very unprepared, to my great surprise, the listing and interviewing happened in a very short time. Pamela was very careful in making sure that any potential buyers were qualified and truly interested, so that I only had to decide in the buyer I had the most confidence in. Even still, due to the many extremely personable and qualified buyers presented me, I had a difficult decision choosing among the many offers.

Pamela’s hands-on approach, and extensive knowledge of the Northern California Dental Community, was definitely a huge factor in making the sale go through quickly. Rather than a mass listing, and having to sort through inappropriate and unqualified buyers, my sale was completed quickly, in spite of my very unrealistic timeline.

I was especially pleased that the transaction was handled in a professional manner. Selling a business that I have built myself comes with many emotional issues, as well as the technical issues of the contract. Not to mention the complications of melding the practice with an existing practice and combining two staffs. I think that the listing, sale and transition were handled expertly and gracefully, and made what could have been a very complicated and emotional transaction go smoother than I expected.

Pamela’s excellent service, frequent communication, Dental industry knowledge, dependability, and attention to detail, made the whole process go smoothly and painlessly. I especially appreciate her professionalism and confidentiality. She was very flexible, and bent over backwards, to make sure the sale went smoothly. She even flawlessly handled that moment that seems to occur in every sale, where the wheels seem to be coming off and the transaction is unraveling.

I have no hesitation in giving my highest recommendation to Carroll and Company, and especially Pamela Carroll, in handling your Dental Practice Sale. They make what can truly be a stressful and traumatic experience an enjoyable one.

Dave Ichimura, DDS

Dear Pamela –

Thank you for the excellent service Carroll & Co provided me in the sale of my practice. From the moment I contacted you right to closing, you were there to facilitate everything that needed to be done. Practice sales are complicated transactions that most dentists undergo only a few times in their careers. Carroll & Co was so polished and professional that the entire procedure was calm, comfortable, and efficient. It was like this 22 years ago when I purchased my practice with your help, and it was the same when I sold it.

I sold my first practice myself. It was a long and protracted event that was difficult for me. Purchasing my second practice and selling it with you was infinitely easier. You have my unending gratitude.

Ralph E. Hoffman, DMD, MAGD

Mike – Can you believe it’s been four years since the transition? I just left the office … a trophy.  Hard to believe it’s been 4 years since the transition!  I encounter my patients all over town – – on the streets, grocery stores, hardware stores, the gym, my Master Gardener group, Costco, church, etc. etc.  The encounters are always the same:  “Big hugs, you’re looking good, we miss you!”  Then the best part for me, “You sure got a good guy to take over your practice.”  That pleases me so.  When asked how I found him, I tell them it is all down to a friend/dental practice broker named Mike Carroll that I had known for 35+yearrs, along with Divine Providence!

Anyhow, retirement is wonderful, I am busier than EVER, and Justin’s practice is BOOMING!  If you get up this way you should drop in on him and see what you put together and what it has become!  I drop in frequently, it’s a wonderful boost, the people long-time and new are very welcoming and I always re-connect with long time family [aka, patients] with warm exchanges!!!

Charles Quinn, DDS

I started out answering a practice sale ad that Mike had placed in 1991. I purchased the practice and although the seller had hired Mike and was paying him the commission, I felt from the beginning that Mike was also looking out for my wellbeing as well. Over the years after that I remained friends with Mike and consulted with him several times.  He always made time to answer my questions and give me the advice I needed. When the time came to sell my practice I made only one phone call, and that was to Mike. Between Mike and Pamela I had multiple offers and the practice was sold. Carroll and Co. are extremely professional and I highly recommend using them whenever possible.

David Goodwill, DDS

I decided to retire early in 2016 and did not have a clue what was entailed. I presumed a lot had changed since I met Mike (Carroll & Company) 35 years earlier, when I purchased my first dental practice. I remembered Mike as a friendly, confident, professional who made that process seamless. He still is!

Selling a Dental Practice is an intense and complex process, involving many other people. Mike has been in the business of helping professionals sell and purchase dental practices for decades. He has a reference “black book” that is full of confident professionals that put me at ease. From the first meeting, through the appraisal, gathering of data (more than you think), presentation of prospective buyers, advising me with guidance in an impartial, unbiased manner, calming my nerves, Mike succeeded in helping me retire.

Mike, Pamela, Simon, and everyone else I came into contact throughout this process were all ‘Perfect 10s’. I have the utmost confidence and trust in Carroll and Company and will be forever grateful for their assistance and guidance.

Richard Hoedt, DDS

Mike Carroll has been a personal friend of mine for over 40 years. I consider Mike to be one of the most knowledgeable people in the field of practice evaluation and practice sales. Mike and I have discussed many topics relating to best practices in the Dental field.

I am the founding member of Cupertino Dental Group, a family and Multi-specialty practice. Our practice is over 45 years old and in the last 5 years two of my partners retired. I went to the best in the business, Mike Carroll, for practice evaluations and to act as facilitator of the sales.

When our bank backed out of financing my partner’s practice sale, Mike brought in a new banker and, based on Mike’s recommendation, the new Banker who had just met us made a seven-figure loan to the buyer. Financial institutions value Mike’s opinion. Mike has never made a bad deal to a lender.

After 50 years of practice, I decided to retire from clinical practice and Mike the ultimate professional handled the evaluation and sale. Practice sales of a partnership group are more complicated than a solo practice sale.

Over the years, I have referred many Dentists seeking to purchase a practice or those wishing to sell a practice to Carroll and Co. Recently my partner’s father-in-law passed away and Mike helped advise the family on the sale of the practice, donating many hours to the family gratis.

Mike is a professional of the highest integrity, someone who I am proud to call a friend.

Kenneth Frangadakis, DDS

My first experience meeting Mike Carroll was at a meeting at my dental school, Arthur A Dugoni School of Dentistry(UOP), in the late 80’s. Little did I know then what an influential role he would play in my life. Without him I would not be where I am today. My first business interaction with him was my first dental practice purchase in the early 90’s. Even though he was representing my mentor, friend and practice owner, he took me in and kept my best interest at heart also. I couldn’t believe how helpful and kind he was to me even though I was not his client. We negotiated a wonderfully fair deal, which included Mike referring me to a bank who gave me an amazing loan with no hassle. With his vast years of experience and genuinely kind personality he has developed such a wonderful reputation with financial institutions, legal experts and so many other referrals that may be needed throughout the lifetime of a practice. With Mike’s help I had a highly successful practice for 23 years. Around year 16 I went through a divorce and had to scramble to work out my finances. Mike helped me buy a practice nearby which not only solved my problems but was also beneficial to the wonderful dentist I bought the practice from. He never took sides and was always looking out for everyone’s interests. Throughout my 23 years of practice I had spent some time teaching at UOP and had always dreamed of retiring and becoming a full time educator. When I felt the time might be right I reached out to Mike again, who is and was the only person I trusted to help me figure things out. He knew there was a large probability that I wouldn’t be ready to sell quite yet and he still put huge amounts of time and effort in to helping me, with no financial gain. He mentored me and consoled me through the whole process. Selling a practice is like losing a family and he understands this and is such a kind and comforting person. I always felt he had my back and would be there for me forever. After we were pretty confident I could make the leap of faith we moved forward with finding a good fit to take over my practice. He kept everything confidential so if things were to fall apart no one would be the wiser including staff and patients. He never had to advertise because he has such an immense network to pull from so there was never a worry of word getting out prematurely. My practice sold in basically one month from when we made the decision to go forward. He was always available to take my call, meet me when I was scared or sad and his knowledge of contracts and legal necessities was impeccable. There is no way my life would be as happy and secure without the help of Mike Carroll. I will forever be grateful for all he has done for me. I am now a full time Assistant Professor at UOP dental school and a part time Assistant professor at UCSF dental school. I am so blessed.

Lori Doran-Garcia, DDS

Mike Carroll is acknowledged to be the leading expert on practice transitions in the Greater Bay Area. When I first came to the Bay Area, Mike helped me acquire my practice, including arranging 100% financing, and I personally know more than 25 colleagues whom he has helped buy or sell practices in the subsequent years. Now, 25 years on, I am ready to transition my practice and Mike has been equally wonderful in arranging that deal. He was able to quickly find several highly qualified potential purchasers, and helped the eventual buyer arrange very favorable financing. His understanding, knowledge and experience of practice valuations, negotiation and financing are unsurpassed, so that the transition went perfectly smoothly.
I highly recommend Mike as the only dental practice broker to call.

Patrick McEvoy, DDS, FAGD

I’ve known Mike Carroll for thirty plus years. Nobody knows the Bay Area market for dentistry like Mike, and he is the go-to resource for dentists. He is outstanding in the field, and his professional expertise has saved me significant dollars! Mike has helped me successfully navigate three major practice transitions: my initial startup as an associate in a fee for service practice, purchasing an established practice, and, finally, phasing into semi-retirement and selling my practice to the right successor. I doubt any of the three events would have occurred smoothly without Mike’s help and guidance. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to a win/win deal for all parties. I’ve seen other practice transitions fall apart for various reasons—lawyers causing adversarial bargaining, self-structured deals that are unwise and result in one party or the other being taken advantage of, inexperienced, poorly aware practice brokers, and many more. Mike’s fees are very reasonable, but his standards are the highest. His services have always saved me time, money, and stress in the long run. Beyond practice brokering, Mike has generously helped our study club at no charge, (and others) establish a mutual aid agreement in the event one of us is disabled. In conclusion, I wouldn’t make any career move in the Bay Area dentistry without first consulting Mike.

Tim Leary, DDS

I have worked with Carroll and Company four times on buy/sell agreements, the last being the sale of my orthodontic practice at retirement.  Each transaction was completed in a very professional and timely manner with all party’s requirements met.  Mike knows the market from his many years in the business and is an expert in practice evaluations.  He is always available and willing to confront any obstacles that may arise and find the best solutions for a smooth transition.  His staff is invaluable and well  prepared to assist in the completion of these transactions.

Braden W. Beck, DDS

Working with the expertise of Carroll and Company is the reason I found myself in my dream practice.  The combined experience of Mike Carroll and his team matched me with the right seller who was ready to retire and pass along 42 years of exceptional goodwill. All transactions are different and Carroll and Company have the professional experience and temperament required to ensure great success in transitioning your career.

Annaliese Carlsmith, DDS

As I reflect back on the sale of my dental practice in 2016, I realize how fortunate I was in finding the right person to take over the practice. It started by finding the right broker to evaluate, appraise, and market the dental practice that I started 42 years prior.  I did a lot of research and attended some classes on transitioning a dental practice.  There are numerous reasons why I decided that Carroll and Company was the broker I wanted to represent me. Very strong recommendations from friends and colleagues that had past positive experiences with them was a big factor to me. In checking out their background I found that their Northern California expertise, dental industry knowledge, confidentiality, and professionalism were second to none. The most important reason is their personal relationships with both the seller and potential buyers. Finding the right person to transition your practice is the key. Both Mike and Pamela take the time to get to know the people involved and strive to find a good fit. Unlike business transactions, they are not just interested in closing a deal. Getting the deal done is one step but a smooth transition and good working relationship with the buyer after the sale will reduce the stress and headaches so that you can enjoy the life ahead of you.  I would strongly recommend talking with Mike and Pamela if you are considering transitioning your dental practice.

Gordon Nagare, DDS

Michael Carroll and I met during the summer of 1977. I was in the process of finishing my general practice residency at the Palo Alto VA, while at the same time, starting private practice as an associate in Palo Alto. To begin working, my first task was to convert the equipment from stand-up to sit down dentistry. Understanding the timing and requirements associated with this project, Mike brought a banker to the VA with the appropriate paperwork, I signed, and the next thing I knew I had the money I needed to proceed. That was truly the beginning of not only an incredible professional relationship, but also one that has evolved into an equally long lasting friendship.

Over the next almost forty years I purchased seven practices-merging some and selling three. Mike was involved, and at my side throughout every purchase and sale. He was present in his capacity as a broker, but more importantly, as a trusted adviser. Throughout the years he has continued to offer sage advice, and to say that he has been a positive influence in my practice of thirty-five years of dentistry and the life of my family is an understatement.

Recently, I have had the pleasure of experiencing professional life with Mike in a different role. Eleven years ago I started my company, Transitions in Dentistry. As I have helped buyers transition into their new dental practices, I have worked with all of the dental practice brokers in the bay area. In my endeavors, I have found Mike’s hard work and passion on behalf of both buyers and sellers to be always thoughtful, consistent and professional.


Stan Lent, DDS